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Deep Tissue Massage

Our most popular massage employs multiple therapeutic techniques, delivering a customized massage to balance mind and body. Our signature hot stones are included!

90 m. $135 | 75 m. $120 | 60 m. $105 | Add cupping therapy +$15


NEW! Integrated Cupping Massage

Integrated with our deep tissue massage, cupping is an alternative therapy that originates from ancient Chinese healing practices. Cupping therapy decompresses and gently suctions and lifts tissue to effectively release tight fascia, increase circulation, relieve inflammation, muscle and joint pain, and more.

60 min. $109


Lavender Dreams Massage

This massage creates an exclusive deep-tissue massage experience using warm paraffin packs, a wild lavender foot scrub, and reflexology to help you unwind and decompress.

90 m. $155 Massage

This massage targets the areas where technology troubles you most. A customized upper body massage includes an invigorating paraffin pack followed by a series of stretches, deep tissue massage, and acu-pressure - all designed to melt the tightness out of those muscles. Detail is paid to neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and wrists. All of this makes the Massage the ultimate solution to living with technology.

60 m. $115 | Note: This is an upper body focus massage


Total Relief Massage

This signature treatment incorporates a layering of essential oils, menthol, hot and cold stone therapy, and a warm paraffin foot wrap into our award winning deep tissue massage with headache and allergy relief. These soothing elements combine to deliver a total body balance.

90 m. $155


Pregnancy Massage

This massage helps relax the mom-to-be and relieve tired muscles, swelling and sluggish circulation.

75 m. $130 | 60 m. $115


Mama-Miaaahhhh Massage

Head-to-toe relaxation and pampering includes a lavender scalp massage, facial massage and soothing skin mask, paraffin foot wraps, tummy tightening treatment and an agave nectar full-body massage. You’ll be one mellowed-out Mama!

90 m. $185


Bamboo Raindrop Massage

This massage provides deep relaxation by using bamboo sticks to roll and knead the muscles. A combination of heat and “just-right” pressure melts the tension held by overstressed muscles, as both the mind and body relax. You are surrounded by the patter of gentle rain, and clean crisp aromatherapy. The result...Nirvana!

90 m. $155


Reflexology Massage

We have over 7,000 nerve endings on the soles of our feet. A reflexologist can address the needs of your entire body through your feet, encouraging relaxation, increased circulation and detoxification.

60 m. $105 | 30 m. $60


Zone Therapy

A deep target treatment for those muscles that ail you most.

30 m. $60


Couple’s Deluxe Massage

Deep tissue massage with hot stones for TWO…together in our couple’s suite. We also include a seasonal foot treatment and aromatherapy.

90 m. $275 | 60 m. $215 | Reservation and pre-payment required.


Hot Ginger Massage

After a fresh ginger-infused massage, you are warmly cocooned in a plush, cozy wrap and treated to a warm aromatic oil drip and scalp treatment. Afterwards you are “gingerly” unwrapped and massaged head-to-toe for 90-minutes.

120 m. $205



Meaning “Universal Life Force”, helps to manage pain, facilitate healing and promote inner serenity, a soothing hands-on energy session.

60 m. $90 | 30 m. $55

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